A natural, certified organic, aluminium-free deodorant option that really works!

Most of us aren't comfortable putting harmful chemicals on our body to look and smell good, but it's difficult to find alternatives that work.

Free RangeTM Organic Deodorant has been five years in development and trialing, and the verdict from everyone who has tried it has been the same: "I've run out, can I have some more please!"

Unlike anti-perspirants which use chemicals or metals to block the pores and stop you sweating, Free Range Organic Deodorant deals with the odour issue effectively, allowing your body to function naturally.

Free Range Organic Deodorant is the genuine article. Truly natural, certified organic and made right here in New Zealand with beautiful ingredients and no tricky labeling. And it works!

For men, women, kids and sensitive skin

Free Range Organic Deodorant comes in sizes and formulas to suit everyone, and is truly natural and aluminium-free.

Try it today

Visit the online store, you won't regret it. The 5g 'Mini traveller' size is only $4.99 and lasts about 10 days - plenty of time to be sure that it works for you!

Delivery is FREE to all New Zealand urban addresses¹, and our 'easy returns' policy makes for a risk-free purchase.

Payment is quick and simple for both credit card and internet bank transfers, using secure encrypted payment gateways.

¹NZ Post surcharge $3.70 for Rural Deliveries