Natural Deodorant that works - Certified Organic - Made in New Zealand

Only the very best ingredients are used in EverKind products, which are free from aluminium, parabens, synthetics, gluten, dairy, soy, and chemical nasties. No hidden surprises here! EverKind deodorant ingredients kill odour without blocking the pores, allowing the body to function naturally. Natural confidence in a jar (or on a stick!)


Certified organic macadamia nut oil

Cold-pressed from the edible kernel of the macadamia nut (Macadamia Integrifolia). Macadamia nut oil is light, non-greasy, and easily absorbed into the skin, leaving it feeling deliciously soft and smooth. Certified organic by AsureQuality New Zealand.

Organic Camellia Oil

Cold-pressed from the fruit seeds of Camellia Oleifera. Camellia oil is suitable for sensitive and allergy-prone skin, absorbs quickly and easily, and leaves the skin feeling smooth and supple. Certified organic by BioGro New Zealand.

Natural sodium bicarbonate

Commonly known as baking soda. Most sodium bicarbonate is created in a laboratory, but we have successfully sourced a naturally occuring supply.

Placing this natural bicarbonate side by side with chemically-created food-grade bicarbonate, the difference is obvious both in its beautiful fine crystal appearance and sweeter taste.

Because it is a mineral rather than plant or animal substance, natural sodium bicarbonate cannot be certified organic. However the source we use is OMRI listed for use in certified organic production.

Certified organic cornstarch

Made from dried organic corn (Zea Mays). It is gluten-free, and while it doesn't block your pores it does absorb some underarm moisture. This cornstarch gives Free Range Organic Deodorant a silky, creamy texture. Certified organic by Biogro New Zealand.

Organic Tapioca Starch

Made from the root of organically grown cassava plants. Nothing added. It is gluten-free, and while it doesn't block your pores it does absorb some underarm moisture. Like corn starch, it creates a smooth and silky texture for the deodorant. Certified organic by Biogro New Zealand.

Certified organic beeswax

Natural beeswax (Cera Alba) is made by honey bees while building honeycomb. The highest grade caps are used - sourced from organic hives, and certified organic by AsureQuality New Zealand.

Certified organic essential oils

Essential oils not only provide a lovely fragrance, they are also natural preservatives with antibacterial power! All our essential oils are certified organic by Biogro New Zealand.

Original Free Range Deo formulas

Original Free Range has been replaced with the exciting new EverKind formulas, which are the result of scientific research and extensive trials with an army of our wonderful customers! All the new EverKind formulas are silky smooth and luxurious, super-effective, and even gentler on the skin than the original formulas.

Our favourite is the EverKind Ultra eco-stick deodorant which is kind to your body and to the planet, and costs six dollars less than the original Deluxe size which had only 5g more!

Which formula to pick?

If you were using any of the original Free Range Deo formulas, you can confidently move to any of the new EverKind deodorants.

EverKind Organic deodorants

All the EverKind organic deodorants are unisex formulas. with a base of organic camellia oil, organic tapioca starch, naturally occurring sodium bicarbonate and organic NZ beeswax. Only essential oils that are considered pregnancy safe are used in the EverKind formulas.

EverKind Ultra

For her and him - Ultra combines a subtle wild scent with an antimicrobial powerhouse.  A luxurious moisturising base with an essential oil blend of organic manuka, lavender true and geranium rose.  Ultra is the ultimate in both odour control and gentleness for sensitive skin.

EverKind Refresh

A luxurious moisturising base combined with an essential oil blend of organic kanuka, spearmint and lavender true. Refresh is gentle with a subtle minty scent, and it's super-effective.

EverKind Fragrance-free

Who would have thought something with no smell could control odour? Fragrance-free is an amazing formula. Silky smooth, truly unscented, moisturising and surprisingly effective. Let the power of natural delight you.