We're on a journey!

Our story

It started with having children, and contemplating our responsibility for their welfare.

It grew through living next to a market garden, and observing both the reality of what's going into our food, and the changes in my body caused by being so close to what was being put into the environment, both above and below ground.

And moving from being a Wellington lawyer to a rural Taranaki mum - looking for practical, truly natural solutions to everyday problems, discovering how few good quality natural products you have access to when you're on a budget.

One of those little everyday problems was body odour. Like most people I wasn't entirely comfortable with the ingredients I knew were in the deodorant and antiperspirant products I was buying, but I didn't have an alternative that worked. My husband had tried natural deodorants without success, and in his words they left him 'stinging, staining and stanky'.

Through lengthy research and trialing I eventually had something that really 'worked'. I shared it with family and friends, and discovered that they always came back, asking for more. Once they were over that initial hurdle of believing that there was no such thing as a natural deodorant that worked, they were hooked.

I had a dream - to produce a beautiful, truly natural deodorant with top quality natural ingredients, at a price that made it accessible to people on a budget like myself.

Thanks to the encouragement and help of many people, I have been able to realise that dream, and I hope you share in it with me.

We value

Honesty about ingredients

No tricky labeling or fancy names here. It says what it is in the plainest possible language

Doing no harm

...to creature or to creation. We value sustainable practices and our products are not tested on animals - only on willing humans!


We are committed to sharing what we have been given with others - supporting initiatives that provide necessities such as water, food, clothing, shelter and love to those who need it the most. The $2 we donate from every Deluxe deodorant sold provides for two children for a day.

Local employment

We value local employment over automation and overseas outsourcing.

Exceeding expectations

Our goal is to deliver a beautiful quality product at an affordable price, and to give you a great experience as our valued customer.

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